Masami Stockists

Collecte 57 Walton St, Whangarei

The Service Depot 11 Ghuznee St, Wellington   

The Shelter 78 Mackelvie St, Ponsonby, Auckland

The Shelter 41 Filleul St, Dunedin 


The MASAMI woman is independent, unrestrained, adventurous and unapologetic.  

She is confident, modern and sophisticated, putting value into beautiful and timeless artisanal items that are an extension of her global attitude and refined palette.  

Masami is a Japanese word that translates to gracious or considerate beauty, true self, becoming beautiful. This resonated with garment-maker and fashion designer Julie Puddick, breathing life into her bespoke garment-making practice, MASAMI Clothing.

Intrinsic and external beauty though grace and refinement all characterise the distinctive style of MASAMI. This is a feminine line crafted superbly for elegant and independent women who are proud to wear exceptional garments that enhance their sophisticated wardrobe, and provide effortless style.

Items with a unique story

Each item has a story to tell, unique to the wearer. That story is about the re-imagined fabric that dictates the unique outcome, the journey to source gorgeous tactile materials, of being hand-made in New Zealand, and of having artisanal craftsmanship with ethics.

Julie searches for fine textiles, trims and embellishments from secondhand retailers, fabric specialists and vintage boutiques at home and around the world. Drawing on her 30 years’ garment design experience, and working with another garment maker and embroiderer, she brings out the best of each fabric and accessory, curating limited edition pieces of only 1 or 2. Julie and her team also create made-to-measure garments.

Each MASAMI item of clothing is of a very high quality, with distinctive tailoring, neither mass produced nor following a fleeting trend. Many of the fabrics are natural and pure including 100 percent cotton, linen and silk.

Time and time again, MASAMI clients are complimented on their MASAMI clothing.

About founder and designer Julie Puddick

MASAMI Clothing is an extension of Julie’s elegance, gracefulness and appreciation of beauty, but also her distinct vision and adventurous spirit.

It reflects her love of texture and knowledge of the qualities of fabrics.

A born and bred New Zealander, Julie studied fashion design and completed her apprenticeship in the early 80s, crafting clothes ever since. MASAMI Clothing was officially established in 2016, borne out of Rubies Design – Julie Puddick from the well-known Aviary collective in Gisborne.

As well as a locally-recognised designer, Julie is a global artist, travelling around the world to find fabrics that fit her aesthetic and practical requirements, befriending peers in the art and fashion industry that motivate and inform her practice.

She is also inspired by the coastal landscape of her home town of Gisborne, and the local creative people around her.

MASAMI Clothing is the embodiment of Julie’s vision to re-imagine beautiful fabrics into equally handsome, hand-made pieces with a universal and timeless elegance.